O Steve
Stephen Allen, known as Steve Allen AUS-0

Started windsurfing at the age of 10 and turned pro 10 years later.
I enjoyed all aspects of windsurfing, being the first to perfect the table top forward in wave competition, however my biggest success was in the upwind racing disciplines.
I have been the best in upwind racing due to my racing tactics, starts, mark rounding’s, lay lines, picking where to go, huge experience with equipment tuning down to the finest details, equipment development experience, dedication and desire to win, willing to put in the hours it takes, pumping technique, sailing style etc.

With over 30 years of racing experience, numerous amounts of World Titles and consistent top results you could now gain my experience to help you win.

Coaching achievements

I have shared my skills from the beginner level to the World Title level, where I have helped improve many riders to enjoy their windsurfing more and or to win competitions.

Czech Olympic junior team after only two weeks training together many achieved their first ever top 10 results at World Championships.

Martin Toth Achieved national champion and speed sailing national record holder.

My World Titles

2019 1st FW Foil World Champion
2018 1st FW World Champion
2010 1st 1st FW Grand Prix World Tour
2009 1st FW World Champion
2009 1st FW Grand Prix World Tour
2007 1st FW Grand Prix World Tour
2006 1st FW World Champion
2003 1st FW World Champion
2002 1st PWA World Champion FW racing
2002 1st IFCA World Champion
1997 1st IFCA World Champion
1997 1st Formula 42 World Champion
1992 1st Raceboard World Champion under 18, Vice champion Open men