SUP board Red 10'8" MEGA

10’8″ Mega
A higher volume board for greater stability
The perfect board for the bigger rider (220lbs/100kgs+) and the family paddler. Get the kids on board with you! A great board to use as a tender to get out to the boat. The Mega is quite literally mega!
The board is 120mm thick. This increases stiffness while not affecting the ride and performance of this iconic board. The 120mm thickness means that the rider can obtain greater stiffness at lower pressure. The 120mm board is more than 40% stiffer than a standard 100mm board at the same pressure.
Windsurf Version:
The combination of overall width plus the wide tail creates an unbelievably stable platform. This makes it the perfect board in our range for a windsurf version with a mast foot built into the board for those that want to have their first goes at windsurfing. The sail screws into a built in screw thread on the board and comes with a US fin box to assist with tracking.
Please note that the windsurf fitting cannot be retrofitted onto other boards as this is built into the structure of the board much like the valve.
What’s in the box? The 10’8” Mega comes complete the best backpack in the business, a repair kit, waterproof phone case and the Red Paddle Co Ezee pump.
Tec Air is not a product, it’s a process. We looked at how we built boards, and by focusing in on the key areas of the production process, we have been able to refine each process to make the very best boards. All Red Paddle Co boards are built using our Tec Air specification to ensure the best possible build quality. Our strength comes from the inside.
Length: 10'8"
Width: 36"
Thickness: 4.72" / 120mm
Volume: 296 litres
Rider Weight: 100 kgs +
Red Paddle is number one in selling inflatable board, being the stiffest, strongest and only board to be able to pump to 30 PSI on the market , making the performance the closest to hard boards.


SUP board Red 10'6" RIDE

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